Watch: Pulling a Stump With a Truck and Leverage


Watch: Pulling a Stump With a Truck and Leverage

This video shows a tree stump being pulled “using a truck, tow strap, chain, and mechanical advantage.” Instead of trying to drag the stump out directly with his truck, this guy rigged up a stand of sorts, so the pulling force of the truck is used to pull upward on the stump rather than sideways.

Great idea! Problem is, it looks fake. Parts of it, anyhow.

I’ve removed quite a few tree stumps in my time, and most would never pull out this easily. And it’s evident that the dirt around the stump has been dug up and then smoothed out prior to making the video.

And when the stump is pulled up, it’s easy to see that some of the large roots have been previously cut below the surface of the ground.

But why fake it? Why not simply show the truth: That he dug all around the stump, cutting many of the larger roots, and finished the job with the truck?

The world may never know. But it DOES demonstrate an effective way to redirect pulling forces from a vehicle, and that alone is useful information.

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