1911: My Preferred Farm Handgun


1911: My Preferred Farm Handgun

The 1911 is my preferred handgun when working around the farm. Even though I own a couple of 9mm handguns, a 357 magnum, and a .40 S&W, there is just something about the 1911.

With so many good quality handguns on the market, why carry a 1911 when working around the farm?  Why not carry a Springfield, Glock, Ruger, or something else?  Why carry a handgun that was designed for a bygone era?

Symbol of Freedom

What is more symbolic of freedom and the American way of life than the 1911? While the United States military has changed rifles several times over the past 100 years, one thing has remained constant: the 1911.

  • M1903 Springfield served the United States through World War I and II. .
  • M1 Garand, helped win World War II.
  • M1 carbine World War II, Korea and Vietnam.
  • M14 still in use by the United States Military.
  • M16 Still in use by the United States Military.

The one firearm that is a symbol of freedom and the American way of life is the 1911. What better is there to carry when working around a farm than a symbol of self-reliance and the American way of life?

1911 is a Workhorse

The 1911 is a workhorse with no fancy bells or whistles. The handgun is known for its classic look and not for fancy fiber-optic sights, red dot optics, or reflex sights. Just a handgun that is not afraid to fall off the tailgate of a truck or afraid to get dropped in the mud.

There is a big difference between a handgun that is designed for range use and a work gun. One may have a fancy optic for fast target acquisition, and the other has iron sights. One has been modified to maximize range performance, and the other just works.

Whether it is taking up old fence, splitting firewood, or walking around the property looking for squirrels and enjoying nature, the 1911 is at home.

45 ACP Over 9mm

For decades I carried a Beretta 92F 9mm while hiking or camping. Recently, I decided to switch over to the 45 ACP.

We can debate ballistics of 9mm VS 45 ACP until the cows come home. The fact is, I feel more comfortable with a 45 ACP than I do with a 9mm.

I feel confident carrying a 45 ACP around the farm. Whether the threat is a coyote or wild hog, the 45 ACP has enough power to take care of business.

It’s a Classic

If someone drops by the house and asks about your Glock, what are you going to tell them? Yeah, this is a Glock. It is used by military and police all over the world.

Or would you rather say, “This is a 1911. It saw service in World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and is still used by police and the military. If your great Grandfather was in World War II, he probably killed a few Nazis with a handgun just like this one.”

If the 1911 was good enough to defend the United States, it deserves a place in my home.

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