Watch: 40-Round 1911 Mag That Doubles as a Stock (Kinda)


Watch: 40-Round 1911 Mag That Doubles as a Stock (Kinda)

Patented in 1936 by a guy named Nomar, this monstrous magazine is one of the most unusual 1911 add-ons ever conceived. And as far as we can tell, only two were ever made.

Although marketed (unsuccessfully) as a shoulder stock, there’s no way to shoulder this thing. Instead, you pretty much let it dangle below your armpit. The mag can be controlled to some degree by squeezing it against your side using the inside of your arm.


A couple decades after trench warfare faded away, Nomar thought this would be a swell way to raid trenches and for other close-quarters fighting. Sadly for him, trenches were done with and submachine guns were better for close-up wet work.

That said, it’s an interesting and fairly ingenious device, and as my father used to say, “If it shoots, I like it.”

Only Forgotten Weapons Ian could say things like, “It’s got a… bit of a springy thing there” and still be taken seriously. That’s not a dig; I really like the guy. He makes me smile.


Ian also adds that this mag apparently works well: “One of the previous owners mentioned that he ‘shot the s–t out of it.'”

Gotta love it.

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