Deer Season is Almost Over, Good!!


Deer Season is Almost Over, Good!!

Deer season is a great time of year. Temperatures start to cool off, days grow shorter, deer start moving, kids get out of school for the holidays, and families make memories at the deer camp.

What is there not to like about hunting season? For people living in rural areas, hunting season is not all fun and games. There are strangers driving around the back roads where people live, trash is left on the roads, deer carcasses are dropped off on the roads, and rifles are being sighted in, just to name a few.

Let’s take a few minutes to talk about a few of the important issues.

Firearm Safety

If there is one thing that unnerves rural dwellers more than anything, it is the sound of someone nearby shooting a rifle. We learn to identify the sound of gunfire. Pop, handgun; boom, 20 gauge; ka-boom 12 gauge; ka-pow, large rifle.

Do the people shooting know what is beyond their target? Did they scout beyond their target, or did they just set it up and start firing rounds?

Is the deer stand facing a safe direction? Do the hunters know what is beyond the tree line? Is there a farm back there? How about a house? Maybe livestock?


With every hunting season there is an increase in trash on the back roads. This is usually beer cans, plastic ice bags, deer corn bags, cardboard beer boxes, and anything that can blow out of the back of the truck.

Litter on rural road

Then there is the stuff that falls out of the truck and the people either do not see or are too lazy to pick it up.

Some hunters lease hunting land just a little ways from my house. Where one guy parks, there is a plastic ice bag and other trash on the ground. One of the pieces of trash is labeled with a gas station brand-name. There is not a gas station with that name within 100 hundred miles of here.

Towards the end of hunting season I usually make a trip down the local back roads and pick up a lot of the trash. If the locals do not pick it up, we have to look at it.

Deer Carcasses

If the trash was not enough, there are hunters who dump the butchered deer carcass near houses.  They can not take the deer carcass and drop it off a little further down the road where nobody lives?

Deer carcass on rural road

Sometimes my dogs will bring a deer leg back to the house. Or the dogs or coyotes will drag the deer carcass into the middle of the road. Then you either have to drive around it, or stop the truck, get out, and drag the stinking deer carcass to the side of the road.

Let’s not forget the stench. Would you like someone dropping off deer carcasses on your road for almost three months? Yea, I do not like it either.

A lot of times, the deer carcass is stuffed into a plastic garbage bag. The carcass and bag are dumped off on the side of the road.

Deer Season Respect

It boils down to respect. When hunters drive out to rural areas, they should keep in mind they are guests in those communities.

Would you throw trash down on your buddies’ road? Then why do I have trash on the road going to my house?

Deer season is a great time of year. Let’s not spoil it for people who live near where you hunt.

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