Instead of Christmas Cheer Give Prepping Gear


Instead of Christmas Cheer Give Prepping Gear

(Editor: I’m late getting this one out, so consider it advice for the post-Christmas sales season.)

Christmas is an excellent opportunity to spread cheer and give prepping gear. There is no better gift than one that keeps on giving.

Rather than giving useless junk like a scarf or sweater, lets talk about giving some prepping gear that just about anyone would enjoy.


If you know a prepper who does not have an ALICE pack, consider giving them one for Christmas. ALICE packs can be found on Ebay and they are priced to make them affordable. Some Ebay sellers give a price break for buying two or more.

While there are a multitude of tacticool backpacks out there, the ALICE pack has been military tested and approved.

To go along with the ALICE pack is a wide variety of assorted gear, such as canteens and various pouches.

Camping Gear

Does the prepper you know have a 1 or 2 person tent, lightweight backpacking stove, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, canteens, hammock, first aid kit, or compass? Do they need anything special to round out their gear?

Backpacking and camping integrates into prepping seamlessly as they are an excellent way to practice wilderness survival skills.

Going camping for a few days helps find flaws in the gear and helps the individual obtain real world experience. This also helps armchair preppers get out of the house.


What is there not to like about a new knife? Especially a hunting or skinning knife?

A few of my favorite knives are the Gerber Big Rock, Schrade SCHF9, and SCHF36. Those three are excellent camping, hiking, and survival knives. The Gerber Big Rock is an excellent skinning knife while the Schrade SCHF9 and SCHF36 are a little heavy for skinning.

Then there are the Swiss Army knives and Gerber Multi-tools, who have a multitude of uses. Any young man or young lady would probably love to have a Swiss Army camper knife. It is a great knife without the bulk of a full sized Swiss Army.

On Christmas Day

Just imagine the joy on a young person’s face when they unwrap their first ALICE pack and a tent to go with it.

Then go make some good memories with that gear by using it!

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