Watch: This Massive Revolver Set a New World Record


Watch: This Massive Revolver Set a New World Record

Cap & ball revolvers have a certain mystique to them, maybe because they were widely used in some of the bloodiest and most-romanticized times in American history, such as the War Between the States and in the old west. Whatever the reason, they are cool, they are useful (great for a fast finishing shot when deer hunting with a muzzleloader), and they are still being manufactured today–more than 140 years after they were rendered obsolete by the introduction of the metallic cartridge.

This fellow wasn’t satisfied with the size of those available, though, so he made his own.


The caliber? Oh, just 28mm. That’s roughly 110 caliber! As in, 1.10 inches.

This tremendous black powder cap & ball revolver is apparently made to scale, and it works in the same way as the original. Except that you need a couple of people to load the thing!


It also helps to have some friends to help you tote it around. And they said the Colt Paterson revolver was too big to carry!


This Polish-built gun earned a Guinness World Record in 2002. At a length of 49.6 inches and a height of 15.7 inches, this whopping “handgun” weighs in at 99.2 pounds. No wonder the recoil ain’t bad!

And it even hit the target.

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