Misconceptions of Prepping By Non-Preppers


Misconceptions of Prepping By Non-Preppers

When someone talks about prepping, the first thing that may come to mind is someone sitting in a bomb shelter with their head wrapped in tin foil. While there are some preppers out in left field, for the most part, we are normal everyday people.

Awhile back there was a comment posted on one of my Youtube videos that said prepping would fade away. There has not been a major world conflict in over a half century, science and public health has helped curb infectious diseases.

If we have world peace, food supplies are stable and reliable, we have science, vaccines, and public health, what purpose does prepping serve?


Prepping is not based on fear, it is an instinct. People are very narrow minded. We think about the here and now and quickly forget lessons from the past.

Humans have been prepping for hundreds of thousands of years. We watched the herds and learned their movements, learned the changing of the seasons, and we preserved food anyway we could.

As our ancestors watched the migration of herds and changing of the seasons, preppers today watch current events.


We can not spend several hundred thousand years worrying when our next meal will be, to not worrying about food in a few generations. Our genetics are programmed to think about food all the time.

Just the smell of cooking food makes us feel good. Who doesn’t love the smell of steaks cooking on a grill? Do we “really” think that is by accident? It is a left over instinct from our ancestors that cooked mammoth and other ice age animals over fire.

Stockpiling food provides preppers with a sense of security. Whether it is freeze dried food, dried foods in mylar bags, or fresh eggs, we know where our next meal will come from.

Our ancestors tried to store food to prevent famine. Today, we store food for natural disasters, war, and other events.

Relationship With Nature

Non-preppers may ask, “What is the end goal of prepping?”

To me, the goal is a back to basics approach.

Humans are not designed to live in cities or neighborhoods. We spent hundreds of thousands of years living side-by-side with nature. Rather than living in caves, we build homes. Rather than following herds, we go to the grocery store.

Why do you think we get so much enjoyment from a bonfire and having friends over? This is how our ancestors lived for thousands of years.

We are just a few generations from a people who migrated with the herds and roamed free.

Prepping Instinct

Prepping is a basic instinct. It is something that people are drawn to do. We are drawn to store food, we are drawn to think about the tough times and prepare for them.

If our ancestors did not prep in some form or another, we would not be here today.

You owe your existence to an ancestor, who was a prepper.

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