Deer Hunting With an Atlatl?


Deer Hunting With an Atlatl?

Hunting with an atlatl. Impressive when successful? Of course. Smart? Not so much.

The atlatl is a hand-held spear thrower, launching long flexible darts from its spur. It’s deceptively complex, and in trained hands can be a most lethal weapon.

So says the narrator of the Weapon Masters video below, in which the physics of the atlatl is explored and described. It also shows the making of an atlatl and a dart. It’s almost unbelievable that he was able to take such a crooked little sapling and straighten it into an effective atlatl dart.

This all caught my attention when I recently learned that it’s reportedly legal to use this primitive stick-slinging contraption for deer hunting in two states in the USA: Missouri and Alabama.

And when I saw the above photo of a hunter who used an atlatl to slay this large 15-point whitetail buck, it really got my attention.

It’s also reported that the first atlatl-killed Missouri deer in recent history (as opposed to caveman days) was a 4-point buck taken in 2011.

I personally can’t support this kind of hunting for the simple reason that it is far more likely to produce wounded deer that cannot be recovered.

What do you think?

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