It seems that most pistol brace designs work passably as ATF-cursed stocks but poorly as actual legal braces. Tailhook, the design just released by Gear Head Works, works very well as intended and takes very little time to bring into action.


Tailhook is designed to run open, with the brace either supporting the wrist or, time permitting, to support the forearm. Extended configuration is steadier and makes leveraged gun take-away less likely.


Tailhook 2 adds telescoping to the mix. As the photo below shows, it’s possible to rest the entire weapon on just the braced forearm. If the firearm supports folding stock, the brace works with that.


Extended, both brace models may be used as cheek rests.


Tailhook may be adapted to a wide variety of stocks without blocking access to either the trigger or the magazine release.


In addition to the two production versions, Paul Reavis is making numerous 3D printed prototypes to see which gets the most interest from customers.


For example, Micro Galil works very well with the brace.


While the design is necessarily steampunk at its core, it functions well and allows bracing or standing down equally quickly. Unbracing from some of the older designs when police shows up is a much longer, possibly fatally slow process. Tailhook seems like a very practical and well made design.


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