In Defense of a Doorway


In Defense of a Doorway

If you are forced into a SHTF bug-in situation and worse comes to worst, you may have to defend your position with a door in the way.

Defensively speaking, the biggest trouble with doors is that they have to open. When they do, some of your view is blocked. Whether the door opens outward or inward, you will always have blind spots that are difficult for you to see without exposing yourself.

If you are on lockdown, preferring not to venture outside at all, use all available windows for outside observation. If there are signs or sounds of active threats outside, post observing guards front and rear. Door ports or peep holes for viewing would be good, too, as would security cameras.

Everyone knows that doors were designed to be used to ingress and egress, but there are times when you really don’t want a door to open. Start with a very secure door, one that’s as difficult to breech as possible. Most of the time, this means a steel door with redundant security locks, deadbolts, and slide bolts. Every door in your dwelling should be so protected.

Also, place standby weapons near every entrance and exit, just in case. Then practice opening these doors to see the range of visibility to either side and beyond. Be prepared to defend those positions.

Trespassers or other interlopers may have to be dealt with before they get too close. You will have to assess the threat intensity (if any). Are they armed? Are they acting aggressively? Are they carrying tools or supplies?

Don’t overreact; the “threat” could just be a neighbor checking on you or maybe even police or other emergency personnel conducting a search.

Doors have to open. Just make sure you are the one doing the opening and learn how to defend these entrances from outside intrusions.

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