Man, Dog Take on Bear


Man, Dog Take on Bear

Recently in Florida’s Panhandle a Gulf Breeze resident let his dog out of his house, where it tangled with a black bear. The homeowner came to the rescue, and the bruin took a swing at the man, winning the confrontation, with canine and owner injured, though not seriously.

Subsequent to the incident, FWC officers captured four bears, including a large female they believe to be the animal involved in the attack. It was euthanized, while the other three juvenile bears captured were released into a wilderness area.

Spring is coming, and with it Florida black bears will be on the move, which is sure to trigger more man-bear encounters throughout the state.

Two years ago Florida allowed a controversial spring black bear hunt where over 300 bears were collected in just days. Protests by anti-hunters were rampant, and last year the state passed on a second spring bear hunt.

Since then the state bear population has increased dramatically, virtually nullifying any good the bear hunt did two years ago. More bear hunts may be on tap for the state, which surely will be controversial, but leaving little alternative to the bear-man encounters sure to be ramping up this year.

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