Some Tips on Buying a Mini-14


Some Tips on Buying a Mini-14

The Ruger Mini-14 was introduced in 1973 and has gained a loyal following over the decades. The first time I saw a Mini-14 was while watching the TV series A-team. It seemed like every episode the A-team would have a gun fight, and not a single person ever got hurt.

The Mini looks like a small M-14, thus the name, Mini-14. The M-14 is chambered in 308 Winchester / 7.62 NATO while the Mini-14 is chambered in 223 Remington.

I got my first Mini-14 around 1984 or so. The rifle was accurate, fun to shoot and reliable. One thing that I like about the Mini, it looks like a regular hunting rifle. So many shooters are leaningĀ towards the AR-15 and military style firearms. It is nice see a rifle that looks like it belongs on a farm and not in the military.

If you are thinking about getting a new rifle, but unsure of what to look at, here is some information to help you on your journey.

Thinking of Buying a Mini-14.

Looking for advice on purchasing a used mini 14.

Buying my first Mini-14.

What to look for when buying a mini.

First Time Out With My Latest Mini.

Several months after I got my mini I put a folding stock on it. It just did not look right. The rifle looks so much better with the classic wood stock and maybe a scope.

I have owned both the Mini-14 and the Mini-30. Between the two, the 14 is my favorite. The 30 is just like the 14, but chambered in 7.62X39.

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