Hunkering Down


Hunkering Down

It is a common theme in the SHTF bug out or bug in strategy scenarios to plan for a long term hide out. The trick is how long that is, and the answer is always “nobody knows,” nor could they know. That is just part of the prepper planning gig.

Two SHTF’s that we have survived included Hurricane Katrina and a 48-hour storm blast taking out the power utilities. Though it was short term, it was harrowing and frustrating none the less. Perseverance is the name of the game. It is made even tougher with a young child in the mix, so plan accordingly.

Katrina knocked our power down for six days in August temperatures of 100 degrees give or take a few. Humidity was horrendous. The city where we live had emergency power, so water pumps continued. That was a lifesaver, but something never to count on.

So, plan for as long term as feasible, likely at least a 30-day stint. Have water stored and plenty of food sources of a variety. Stock up on everything else needed. Consult multiple prepper lists and then customize your own plan.

The hunker down part is how to behave while the SHTF is going on. A low profile is the best posture with a careful plan of observation of everything going on around your primary house or bug out site. During a SHTF is a perfect time for prowlers, trespassers, and thieves to come around looking for easy pickings.

It may not be necessary to board up windows during most SHTF events, but it is common during hurricanes to protect the property and contents. If you decide to remain in your dwelling, then lock down tight, close blinds or cover windows, and keep to yourself as much as possible. It is a debate whether to show a presence or not. If you do, then show it in strength, even carrying a firearm to be seen if appropriate.

This will be even more important if all communications are down, too. All kinds of natural and unnatural disruptions can bring down cell towers as well as hard lines. You may find yourself isolated. If there are any police patrols in your area, stop them to let them know who you are and where you are. Just offer basic information, nothing about defensive capabilities.

Hunkering down is to survive as long as it takes for normalcy to return. Plan like it might never come back to normal.

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