Support Your Local Sheriff


Support Your Local Sheriff

Should preppers and survivalists make any particular overt efforts to connect with local law enforcement? You’ve seen the bumper stickers giving support to various law enforcement agencies, programs, youth clubs, events, etc. It is often assumed this is a form of an unofficial bribe should the person be stopped for a vehicle moving violation or other issue. But it could be a genuine effort to support police.

A recent program began in my home town by the local chamber of commerce to support city police with a fundraiser to help them buy body cams for all the patrol officers. In exchange for a $10 donation, supporters receive a nice yard sign to post in favor of the program. I bought one because I support my local police department. Why?

Contrary to so many incidents these days between law enforcement and local citizens, I believe in making a positive connection with local police. I think there are situations in which this relationship can benefit all who participate. Why? First of all, it is just a kind, friendly gesture to support officers that are basically underpaid for a very stressful job to protect and serve the public.

When patrol officers cruise my neighborhood, I wave and pull them over just to say hello and thanks. I give them my name and address and tell them I appreciate their efforts to keep our streets and city safe. I don’t offer any more information that is unnecessary for them to know.

The police I talk to have no idea of my political leanings, interest in prepping, self-defense, concealed carry or anything else. They have no reason to know we might own guns and know how to use them. That is private information and should be kept to yourself. If they have an official reason to ask, then you have an obligation to answer their inquiries.

In the event that at some point we should become involved in some incident in the neighborhood requiring police intervention, then I think our support of them would bode favorably for us, assuming we are not the offenders. Even then, they might be more predisposed to listening to us or treat us more fairly.

During that incident, if police are called and they roll up to a house with that support sign in the yard, what would your attitude be? I think it wise for preppers to make contact with local police just as a general gesture of public support for their work. Better to have them as friends than not.

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