Time for a Garage Sale?


Time for a Garage Sale?

Prepping can be an expensive venture. Sure, it can be done on the cheap(er), but even essential supplies, gear, equipment, guns, ammo, and goods cost money. The subject often comes up about ideas for generating extra funds for prepping activities. It is a general subject that comes up when any wannabe prepper asks about the investments and how to fund them.

One of my first suggestions to basically everyone is to look around their own homes and garages to see what items can be parted with to create much needed cash for prepping efforts. Then, once they are honest with themselves, they are likely to see plenty enough items to hold a garage sale. Maybe even partnering with other neighbors can increase the available goods for sale to draw a bigger buying audience.

So, start in the garage. Is there a backup lawn mower to sell? Other lawn equipment or tools rarely used or which would not have a contribution to a prepper plan, bug in or out. Remember some of these items might well be useful at a secondary site or backup cache. Look on the walls and in the corners. Maybe you have some fishing gear to be cleaned out. What about that 3rd, 4th, or 5th ice cooler?

Have your kids outgrown soccer or other sports? Can that equipment be sold? What about the old basketball goal that is never used? Could be you don’t water ski anymore and even the boat could be sold? Is there an extra set of tires and wheels left behind from that old jeep or is that old jeep still rusting in the driveway? Be honest. If the item is not being used and has no particular useful value, then let it go.

Now look around the house. Truth is clothing sells cheap at garage sales, but still it is a way to move stuff out. Old, worn, out of style, does not fit, move it out. Sweaters, coats, jackets and kids clothes sell well. Jewelry you don’t wear? Multiple watches? Consider it all.

Go over the kitchen with a fine tooth comb. Extra sets of dishes, silverware, pots, pans, small appliances, wedding gifts never used, pitchers, containers, bakeware, and glassware could all be sold. Do the same with bedrooms, sheets, comforter sets, pillows, and such. Decorator items could be gleaned out of living areas. Decide what you can part with.

As you work your prep plan, decide what essential stuff is needed. Then think of ways to raise extra funds. A garage sale is a good place to start.

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