Prepper’s Stockpile Has 100 Knives and No Guns, But He Still Out-preps You


Prepper’s Stockpile Has 100 Knives and No Guns, But He Still Out-preps You

There’s an article making the rounds about a “doomsday prepper” firefighter in NYC who has thrown all opsec to the wind and is showing off his stockpile for the press.

The response to this in the typical prepper hangouts is predictable, and the folks calling him out are not entirely wrong. Yeah, 100 knives is overkill, and no guns is sad. (But what’s he supposed to do? He’s in New York, not America.) And yes, his food and water situation seems iffy.

But I’m gonna tell you what I see when I look at this article: I see a guy who’s more prepared than 90% of the people laughing it up at his expense right now. How’s that? Just look at him. Dude is an NYC firefighter, and he’s in shape.

This guy can carry a full load that would make most armchair operators’ knees buckle, and he has experience working in dangerous situations under immense pressure.

I realize he’s not bulletproof, and a pencil neck with a cheap carry piece could ruin his day in a disaster, but I also don’t think he’s totally gunless. My bet is that he either has one stashed somewhere, or he knows where to get one in a pinch.

Regardless of how well he is or isn’t armed, the fact that I have yet to see a single prepper remark on his apparent physical condition and training, while everyone is virtually unanimous in ridiculing his choice of gear, tells me all I need to know about the modern prepper/survivalist movement.

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