Only Three Guns: Pro Shooter Jerry Miculek Answers the Burning Question


Only Three Guns: Pro Shooter Jerry Miculek Answers the Burning Question

My recent post on the suitability (or, rather, lack thereof) of the .357 revolver as a primary SHTF sidearm stirred up quite hornet’s nest, and I’m not surprised. The .357 revolver is the “one handgun” choice of a previous generation of shooters, and you can almost predict someone’s answer to this popular question if you know their age. The older crowd prefers the .357, and the younger, Gun Culture 2.0 folks tend to prefer a Glock in 9mm.

My own preference is for a modern, striker-fired semi-auto in 9mm, but as I noted in that article, plenty of our own writers disagree and are all about the .357 revolver. They’re in good company, too, as shootist extraordinaire Jerry Miculek would also take an 8-shot .357 wheelgun–specifically a Smith & Wesson 627–as his One Handgun for every situation. Take a look:

In a later video, he goes into the question of his favorite caliber, and it turns out it’s the .45 ACP:

Both of these caliber choices are about versatility and the fact that each of these two calibers lets you load a wide range of bullets weights and pressures.

As for Jerry’s other two guns, he picks a rifle in .22LR and a 12-gauge shotgun. I wholeheartedly agree with these picks, even though we do part ways on the handgun choice.

Now, why is there a picture of a bear at the top of this article? It’s a little joke for those of you who caught the earlier .357 article.

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