Five Reasons Not to Buy a Glock


Five Reasons Not to Buy a Glock

The Glock 17 was introduced in 1982. In the following decades, various models of the Glock handgun have been adopted by military and police all over the world.

What is not to like about them? They are affordable, reliable, and have a wide range of aftermarket parts.

However, I am here to tell you there are numerous reasons not to buy a Glock.

Glock Reliability

How is someone supposed to practice clearing a malfunction if the handgun is super reliable?

Someone who has only shot Glocks probably has no idea how to clear a stove pipe or what to do if there is a failure to feed. If there ever is a malfunction, they will probably stand there wondering what to do.

Aftermarket Parts

Shortly after someone buys a Glock, they start buying aftermarket parts. The amount of triggers, safeties, barrels, etc on the market is staggering.

Maybe the people at the Glock factory put some kind of virus in the handgun that makes people lose all willpower when it comes to buying parts. Before you know it, all of the families money has been spent on aftermarket parts. Few months later the house is being foreclosed on.

Where is the family supposed to live? Think of the children. They did not ask to lose their home for their parents’ Glock addiction.

Online Communities

Before the Glock owner realizes what has happened, they will be spending hours visiting various Glock forums.

The obsession of having to know about the latest new parts and modifications will consume their life. Before long the obsession invades the office and work is not getting done. Then the boss has to let the obsessed Glock owner go.

Magazines Obsession

How many magazines are enough? Before long the closets are full, the attic is full, the basement is full, only place left is to stack boxes against the walls.

Just a few months after buying a Glock handgun, friends and family members start suggesting you may have a hoarding problem. Before you know it, the TV show Hoarders is at your front door wanting to do a show.


The Glock is so fun to shoot that owners start stockpiling ammunition. With every square inch of the floors, walls, attic, and basement covered in Glock magazines, where is the ammunition?

Then the secrecy kicks in, the Glock owner rents a storage unit just for the ammunition. As they start spending time at the storage building counting their ammo, the children are neglected. Before long the kids start asking “Where is Mommy or Daddy?” The other parent can only comfort the children as they bravely hold back tears.

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