Deal Alert: Magazines And More Magazines


Deal Alert: Magazines And More Magazines

2017 has turned into a buyers market. If you have been on the fence about stocking up on magazines, get them while the getting is good.

Gun companies such as Remington are having to lay off workers due to a drop in demand. Chances great deals will keep coming, but sooner or later the market will have to adjust. I have not seen prices this good in a very long time.

In this deal alert we have two different companies that have some great prices on magazines.

Regular price: $209.49, sale price: $123.50 – Palmetto State Armory has bundled an AR-15 bolt carrier group and 10 gen 2 Pmags.

Regular price: 96.49, sale price: $59.99 – Another Palmetto State Armory bundle, Blackhawk! Sport 36″ Tactical Rifle Case & Five Magpul PMAG 30 5.56×45 Magazines.

Regular price: $10.99, sale price: $7.99 – Primary Arms has Troy Battlemag 30rd, Single Olive Drab on sale.

Regular price: $10.99, sale price: $7.99 – Troy Battlemag 30rd, Single – Flat Dark Earth.

Regular price:  $10.99, sale price: $7.99 – Troy Battlemag 30rd, Single Black.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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