Watch: Lego Heads Loaded and Fired as Bullets


Watch: Lego Heads Loaded and Fired as Bullets

Ever since someone first grabbed a Lego head and slipped it into a 40 S&W cartridge case, people have been wondering, “What if?” Well, wonder no longer! That’s right. Someone has finally loaded and fired Lego heads and documented it for us all to enjoy.

The first powder charge? A mere 1.1 grains of Unique powder, pushing a Lego head that weighs in at 19.6 grains. It flew remarkably well, clearly stabilized by the rifling, and it even penetrated a few inches into a big block of modeling clay.

The next shot was a Spider-Man (YES!) head pushed by 2.1 grains of Unique. True to form, Taofledermaus went random and fired this one at a different sort of target: Shrek.

The trigger man, Rod, claimed that the loaded round chambered fine, although it looked a little iffy to me.

Shrek did not fare well.

The next Lego round was loaded up with 3.1 grains of powder (they really like the .1 for some reason), and was fired into yet another medium: ballistic gel. Penetration was about the same as in the clay.

All were impressively accurate.

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