YETI Flagship Store Bars Concealed and Open Carriers, Then Backtracks


YETI Flagship Store Bars Concealed and Open Carriers, Then Backtracks

I was surprised to peruse the AustinGuns reddit and learn, via the inimitable Mike Cargill’s FB page (go follow him now!), that the local YETI Flagship store posted 30.06 and 30.07 signs outside their store in the city.

Says Mike:

So I called and spoke with their attorney. He said he wasn’t going to debate or discuss the issue and licensed holders are not allowed in the building. I guess they aren’t as pro gun as they say they are.

This move isn’t exactly on-brand for YETI, so Mike raised a stink, and after some back-and-forth the company relented. They blamed the “no guns” policy on the attached bar, but the signs, which prohibit concealed and open carry and aren’t cheap, were also preventing carry inside the store.

Final Update: I would like to thank YETI for listening to its customer base.

The bar is operated by a third party company called Cooler Concessions. So we can’t carry in the bar because it is 51%. But there are no longer 30.06 or 30.07 signs that prohibit carry inside the store. They are now fully compliant with Texas law while still respecting lawful citizens.

At any rate, as of recently tonight YETI has done the right thing and pulled the signs. The ill will lingers, though. I recommend an in-store discount for anyone who shows up packing as a way to smooth things over.

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