Yes, This Is a Tactical Clothes Hanger


Yes, This Is a Tactical Clothes Hanger

I thought I’d seen it all, and then I ran across this press release at Ammoland from OKC, touting the Jericho Hanger. Yes, it is a clothes hanger, and yes, it is totally tactical.

USA -( Standard everyday plastic and metal hangers can typically handle a camo shirt or a light jacket without too much difficulty. Now if you try storing a full turkey vest, diving gear, or even fire-fighting equipment on one, you’ll likely return to a heaping mess on the floor of your closet.

Ontario Knife Company (OKC) and its custom molding, machining, and tool works division Jericho Tool designed a solution for this problem with its new patent-pending Jericho Hanger.

The Jericho Hanger is made of rigid injection-molded polypropylene and features a thick, reinforced structure that is designed to hold up to 250 pounds of gear.

This thing lists for a little over $12. On the one hand, #eyeroll, but on the other, if somebody bought me one of these for a gift I’d be totally into it.


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