Eddie Salter: Creekside Field Edge Turkey Hunting


Eddie Salter: Creekside Field Edge Turkey Hunting

One great spot champion Alabama turkey caller and hunter Eddie Salter has found for drawing birds to within shotgun range is available in much gobbler country. He likes a field having a perimeter creek within 100 yards of the edge of the planted ground. Turkeys often roost near the creek, between the draw and field.

Such places are plentiful in woods-fringe farm country, as farmers plow ground near creeks, but leave cover alongside streams because it’s not suitable for planting. Hardwoods bordering a creek beside a field are choice turkey roosts since they’re over or near water and close to food in the field.


After having located birds on their near-creek roost, Salter slips into the woods at the far corner of a field. He begins calling from a spot midway between the creek and field. If turkeys respond to his calling, Eddie sets up so he can shoot the field edge, as well as the woods. The deep creek keeps birds from crossing wide, and they “funnel” toward him in the timber, alongside the field.


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