Watch: Firing Supersonic Candy Shotgun Slugs


Watch: Firing Supersonic Candy Shotgun Slugs

Well, here’s something you don’t see every day: a shotgun slug made of hard candy, and I mean HARD candy!

From Taofledermaus:

We were sent some candy shotgun slugs that used a special barley recipe from the 1800’s. The idea was inspired by Peter Brown’s Youtube channel where he made us some slugs out of both Mexican ironwood and cast resin. Since we had terrible luck with our attempt at making hard candy slugs made from Jolly Ranchers, I had some serious doubts Saar’s slugs would even work. Boy was I wrong! (which happens a lot).

The slugs were made by a fan in Israel, who molded the candy and sent it for testing.

It’s called “barley candy” and the guy who made them learned how to super-harden it by adding flour to the mix.

If you’re just in it for the shooting, hop ahead to about the 3:30 mark.

The first candy slug few straight and accurately, faster than the speed of sound, and that continued. It’s worth noting that they fired them from a smoothbore shotgun with no rifling.

The clear ones made of standard hard candy ingredients didn’t hold together well, and the one that stayed mostly intact tumbled in flight.

Don’t be fooled; the slug-shooting video is not really 18 minutes long. The second half or so of it is about making the candy. Saar, the fellow who made these slugs, tells about how he was inspired and shows how he made them. Not surprisingly, he has a website about candy, called SpiceCandies, and both guys in the video agree that it tastes great.


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