YouTube Demonetizing Gun Videos


YouTube Demonetizing Gun Videos

It appears YouTube has begun the process of demonetizing gun videos. An article on The Firearm Blog stated – YouTube Gun Channels In Danger Of Disappearing Forever. As much as I like The Firearm Blog, I have to respectfully disagree.

New gun videos on YouTube may greatly decrease, but they will not disappear. There are people who make gun videos because of their passion for firearms, and not just for the money. The money is nice, but a lot of people do things because they enjoy it.

Then there are the people who say YouTube is tightening the screws on freedom. Again, I respectfully disagree.

YouTube Monetization

What “exactly” is happening?

When a YouTube account has reached a certain level of popularity, (one of the conditions is at least 10,000 subscribers) the account can join the YouTube Partner Program. This allows the person operating the account to make money off their videos.

At no time does someone “own” their YouTube account. You may open an account, operate the account, but the account belongs to Google.

With financial encouragement, people have an incentive to make quality content, build their subscriber base and upload videos on a regular basis. A good number of people make their living just from their videos.

Where does the money come from? Companies pay to run ads on the videos. However, some advertisers object to having their ads on certain types of content.

Anti-Weapon Policy

Google has a long running policy that prohibits their ads from being placed on webpages that promote the sale of weapons.

Google ads may not be placed on pages that sell, facilitate or advocate the sales of weapons and weapon accessories. This includes but is not limited to the sales of ammunition, gun parts, hardware, pistols, rifles, BB guns, sporting guns, air guns, blow guns, and stun guns.

When someone reviews a firearm on YouTube and gives it a rating, aren’t they advocating the sale of the firearm?

It would not surprised one bit if Google moved to demonetize knife videos.

Freedom of Speech

The 1st Amendment does not grant anyone the right to stand on their neighbors front yard and make political statements.

Nor would you allow someone to stand in your front yard and make political statements that you disagree with.

YouTube belongs to Google. As such. Google can set any rules they wish for the content uploaded to YouTube and we have no right to complain. We can complain, but we have no real right to complain.

Consider this, you are at an open party that anyone can attend. You say or do something that offends the homeowner and you are asked to leave. The owner has every right to tell you to leave, and you have no right to complain or to be offended.

YouTube is not public property. It is not a public street or sidewalk owned by the people. Google is a company that wants to make money and keep advertisers happy.


If YouTube does not want to monetize gun videos, gun enthusiasts need to find another party. Chances are, viewers will see a decrease in the number and quality of gun videos.

Hopefully someone will open another video hoisting site like that focuses on firearms, knives, and other outdoor related content.

Firearms enthusiast need to adapt to a changing market.

Nothing last forever. It appears the sun is setting on YouTube gun channels.


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