Watch: Crowning and Chamfering a Gun Barrel


Watch: Crowning and Chamfering a Gun Barrel

The crown is an vital part of any rifled gun barrel, whether it’s a rifle or a handgun. The crown is the point at which the rifling ends at the muzzle, which is the front end of the barrel.

All of the rifling is important to accuracy, because that’s what stabilizes the bullet in flight by putting some twist on it. But the crown is the one part of the rifling that’s most likely to be damaged (simply because it’s exposed).

The ends of the rifling need to be smooth and free of nicks and other irregularities, and the entire crown must be perpendicular to the gun’s bore. The video below will show you how you can make that happen, whether you’re repairing a damaged crown or crowning a barrel that’s been freshly shortened.

The crown in the photo above is from a rifle I overhauled years ago. When I shortened the barrel, I recessed the crown. This helps prevent it from being damaged.

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