Watch: A Homemade Full-Auto Crossbow


Watch: A Homemade Full-Auto Crossbow

I’ve shared The Slingshot Channel’s videos here before. There’s the huge slingshot cannon that shoots at cars, the deadliest steampunk pistol ever, and the Coke bottle arrow-firing Gatling gun, just to name a few. And this guy, although cheesy, usually makes me laugh.

In the intro for this vid, he demonstrates a handy little repeating pump action magazine-fed crossbow, followed by the burning question, “You know what’s missing? Full auto.”

Hmmmm. Y’know, I think he’s right!

In the next few seconds, he proves that he was absolutely, unquestionably correct. And his creation is magnificent.

I want to shoot it. A lot!

A drill-operated, rubber-powered crossbow that flings arrow after arrow for as long as you hold the trigger, until it runs out of ammo.

‘Merica! Er… I mean Germany!


The first half of the video is a lot of fun, but the most interesting part is the second half, in which he answers questions about his design and talks about things like “reaching the limit of the speed of rubber.”


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