Watch: Hickock45 Cooks off a Cartridge


Watch: Hickock45 Cooks off a Cartridge

Hickock45 asks, “Is a bullet dangerous?”

I think we all know the answer to that (“maybe”), but what the heck? Let’s play along.

Unfortunately for folks like me who love accuracy, he uses the term “bullet” when he means “cartridge.” See, the bullet is just the projectile (the part that flies downrange when the gun is fired). But anyhow…

The real question Hickock45 is trying to answer is “what happens when a cartridge or round gets so hot that it fires while it’s not contained inside of a gun’s chamber?” That’s what we find out in this video.

In what he calls “the scientific experience here,” we see a single round of 9mm ammo being placed inside of a metal pot that’s sitting over the lit burner of a Coleman stove. After a while, it cooks off and goes bang.

The amount of damage to the pot may surprise you. Or maybe not…

Let’s watch.

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