Preppers: Remote Cabin Check List


Preppers: Remote Cabin Check List

This evening I took a few minutes and walked to the back of the property where there is a remote cabin. It is basically a five room house, including bathroom. This is just something where friends and family may stay from time to time. It has the basics, such as a stove, sink, shower, and toilet.

The remote cabin may also be used as a bug out location for friends and family.

While I was checking on the place, I made a few mental notes on things that I look for. I would like to share those notes with the readers.


Forced entry – Have the doors of the remote cabin been forced open? Are any windows broken? Does the door jam or window frames show signs of tampering?

On the inside, any footprints at the bottom of the windows? Is anything out of place or moved since my last check?

Yard maintenance – Cut the grass, weed eat, make the place look like it is stayed in.

Take time to rake the grass clipping around the fruit trees.

Maybe put up a fake home security sign.


Rodents – Look at the rat poison. Is any missing? Have the rat traps been set off?

I do not care for glue strips as rats just carry them off.

One way to know if there is a rodent in the house, place a plastic jar of peanut butter on the floor. Rats will chew through the plastic to eat the peanut butter.

Look for chew holes in the bed mattress.

Wasp – While walking around the outside, take a few minutes and look for wasp and wasp nest.

Red wasp are evil creatures who seem to take great joy in stinging people just for the fun of it.


Propane tank – Is the valve at the propane tank turned off?

Some people say to leave the pilot lights on. This is supposed to help prevent the pilot lights from rusting. I have been doing this for close to 30 years and have never had a problem with the pilot light not lighting due to rust.

Fruit trees – Check on the fruit trees, pull weeds from around the base, and add grass clippings for mulch.

Remote cabin fig tree

The fig tree at the remote cabin is doing well. Next winter a few limbs need to be pruned and a shade tree next to the fig tree needs to be pruned. The tree had been neglected for several years, but is looking better. This year I should get some nice figs off of it.

Rotten boards – Take time to look over the outside for rotten boards. Look for any leaks in the roof.

Septic – Flush some septic treatment down the toilet.

Overtime tree roots may grow into the field line of the septic system. The roots will clog the field lines and back the system up.

Final Thoughts

Remote cabins can be fun places for the family to get away for the weekend. Take some time and make sure everything is in working order.

If by some chance the family needs to use the cabin as a bug out location, you know everything is in working order.

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