Remington’s New Self-Defense/Prepper Shotgun


Remington’s New Self-Defense/Prepper Shotgun

Every prepper and survivalist would love to have a short, pistol grip shotgun for use in the home, bug out locale, or for vehicle carry. Nobody wants to have to register a short gun with the NFA and buy a stamp. Now Remington has announced such a handy shotgun based on their proven 870 pump-action model.

This new shotgun will be branded the Model 870 Tac-14. The best part is that this shotgun has been designated a Non-NFA gun with a 14-inch barrel configuration with an overall length of 26.2 inches. The shotgun will not be governed by the National Firearms Act (NFA) registration. There will be no registration and no NFA stamp required to own this gun. Know though that there may be some state and local laws that could restrict this shotgun.

The Tac-14 comes with the new Shockwave Raptor pistol grip, which is a synthetic grip with a smooth handle and rounded knob on the end. The fore-end uses the excellent Magpul M-Lok forward shotgun slide fore-end. The 14-inch barrel is cylinder bored so it will handle a wide variety of self-defense type shotgun loads. The barrel muzzle is topped with a bead sight.

This 870 Tac-14 has a receiver milled from solid steel with a black oxide finish. The entire gun is finished out in a black matte, security type finish. Other than these features this 870 functions just like any other 870 pump shotgun, so it will be very familiar with most shooters. The suggested retail for this new 870 shotgun will be $443.05 and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Remington brought this new shotgun platform out at the NRA Show in Atlanta with display models on hand. It will surely make a big hit. For further details, photos, and other information check out the Remington web site at

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