Watch: Winchester Model 92


Watch: Winchester Model 92

Hickok45 takes a Winchester Model 92 chambered in 44-40 that was made in 1923 out to the shooting range. It is always a pleasure to watch Hickok45. He seems like a down to earth and easy person to talk to.

The Winchester model 92 started production in 1892. Over the past 125 years over one million rifles have been produced.

Introduced in 1873, the 44-40 Winchester was chambered in both handguns and rifles. That made it ideal for people who did not want to buy two different types of ammunition.

While a lot of modern shooters focus on the latest and greatest, it is nice to see a piece of history.

There is just something about those old firearms, something that words can not describe. Admiration comes to mind, but does not start to describe classic firearms.

History, workmanship, and tradition all come together in a complete package.

Watching videos like one one by Hickok45, I often wonder if my ancestors owned a Winchester model 92? How many of us are here today because our ancestors were able to put food on the table with a lever action rifle?

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