Hate Being X-Rayed? Show the TSA the 4th Amendment.


Hate Being X-Rayed? Show the TSA the 4th Amendment.

So you’re in the airport getting X-rayed by the %$#&%$ TSA, and you want to make a statement. Well, here’s one way to get that done. It’s underwear printed with the Fourth Amendment in metallic ink, so it will show up on TSA X-rays in those full body scanners.


Ironically, the only way these items can be seen is when the wearer submits to unconstitutional intrusions on his or her privacy.

Let them know they’re spying at the privates of a private citizen.

The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, meant to prevent unwarranted search and seizure, is readable on TSA body scanners.

Get it on a T-shirt or even on a pair of skivvies… guaranteed to make those TSA pervs zoom in on your junk.


Ladies aren’t left out; they can get bra and panties that tell the same story: “We know you’re looking, and it sucks.”

I don’t know what the prices are/were for these things, because they’re currently listed as “Sold Out” on the website.

And, knowing the types of goons which the TSA employs all too often, this might just trigger a more intimate pat-down just to prove they have too much power and are willing to use it.

What a world.

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