Watch: Suppressed OSS M3 Grease Gun and “Bushmaster” Booby Trap


Watch: Suppressed OSS M3 Grease Gun and “Bushmaster” Booby Trap

The M3 “Grease Gun” is a small, cheaply-made submachinegun that was used during World War 2. It’s not great in any way, but it is definitely noteworthy.

And this one is, shall we say, special. It includes a silencer developed specifically for the M3 and issued by the OSS (Office of Strategic Services, which later became the CIA).

This particular example has an excellent provenance, having been provided by OSS to a European resistance fighter for a specific mission right at the end of WW2.

The silencer used wire mesh inside rather than individual baffles. Interesting!


We also get to see a device that’s known as a Bushmaster, which pretty much turns any M3 into a booby trap by allowing it to be fired via a trip-wire. These things are simple and clever at the same time. and we get a good look at how this one works.



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