How Much do You Practice?


So you got your new gun and the latest personal defense ammo loaded and ready. During the day you have the gun on your side, at night you have it at your side again, on the nightstand or maybe you bought one of the holster systems that slide between the mattress and box spring. So you practice all these situations?

You need to stand in front of a mirror without ammo and practice your draw from the concealed holster. You need to practice drawing from the side bed holster, when things can go wrong. This is the time they will. You need to practice AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! Remember, YOUR life my depend on your skills.

See shooting is a skill that will go away if you don’t practice as much as possible. Practice with a purpose. Don’t just go and shoot a few rounds and leave. Try to get better each time. Take your target home with you, date it, and the next time you practice bring that target home and compare the two. This will tell you where you are improving or losing your skill.


Shooting for a class is fine but you can’t just do that and pass, get your permit, and expect to grab the pistol for the first time in 6 months, a year or even years later and expect to shoot the same as you did for the class without practice. It don’t work that way, sorry. It is a skill that will go away with time if you don’t keep at it.


You can find an indoor range or an outdoor range or even find somewhere out of town that is safe to shoot at but be sure to KNOW WHATS BEHIND YOUR TARGETS/BACKSTOP! You may know someone that has a farm or property they can shoot on and will let you practice there. In fact there are so many different type of targets now you can play card games with shots etc.


You can even get a Rubber Dummie ( and set it up with a shirt and hat for more of a real world type of practice. My point is you need to always shoot and always try to improve. Join a gun club if you can and make new friends with like minded interest. Practice and be fun but it should always first be safe and know and follow all the rules of gun safety.

But the bottom line is you NEED TO GET TRIGGER TIME and that is the only thing that will make you better and keep your skills sharp that may one day save your life. I pray you never have to try them, but if you do you will be glad you put in the time needed to sharpen your skills.

Stay safe, train as much as possible, and I hope to see you out there!


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Started as a firearms instructor in 1986, sponsored pro shooter, teaches CC classes, advanced pistol and shotgun tactics, teaches reloading classes, does seminars, radio shows and in-store promotions for the sponsors. But more important is I spend as much time as possible with my family, life is just too short!

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