Upgrades Glock Must Do to Stay Relevant


Upgrades Glock Must Do to Stay Relevant

TheYankeeMarshal on YouTube makes some good honest videos. While I sometimes disagree with what he says, I still greatly respect his opinion.

In this video, TheYankeeMarshal talks about things Glock must do to stay relevant in an ever changing market.

If something does not evolve or adapt, it is sure to die off, right? Well, not always. Just because something does not change or evolve does not mean it will go extinct.

In school we are taught that if something does not evolve or adapt it will die off. This is not always true.

Take the alligator for example. The first alligators date back 66 million years. They are still alive today because they have a niche that they fill very well. They are perfect in their place in nature, which has ensured their survival.

In the video, TheYankeeMarshal states something along the lines of, “Glock is the baseline that all other handguns are measured.” Because the Glock fills its niche perfectly, there are no needed upgrades.

Glock has its place in the handgun market and that will ensure its survival.

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