Preppers: Dividing Your Time


Preppers: Dividing Your Time

One of the biggest problems I have here on the farm, is finding time to work on all my projects. The simple solution is to divide my time between the important ones. Maybe dedicate a little more time to the important issues and less time to the less important.

List of my current projects:

  • Clearing fence line to fence in several acres for livestock.
  • Start on a pole barn. Not really that important until just before I get the livestock.
  • Tacoma project. 1999 Toyota Tacoma 4X4 that has not been touched in several months.
  • Cabin at the back of the property needs repairs.
  • Fixing the water well at the cabin.
  • Boat needs wiring finished.
  • Cleaning up a trash pile behind the cabin.

Then there is a list of less important projects that are not really worth mentioning, such as building a shed, stockpiling 223 Remington, or going to the shooting range.

Somewhere in all of that I need to find time for recreation, such as hiking and fishing. There is a pond a few miles from my house I would like to go perch fishing at, but simply can not find the time.

On top of all of that, I have to earn an income.

Important Projects

What is the most important topic in your prepping plans?

To me, it would probably be to get the water well fixed and get the land fenced in for livestock. Having access to clean was should be on the top of anyones list. The livestock would be for food and manure for the garden.

We all know the old saying, “food, water and shelter” is incorrect because water should be listed first.

I think my priorities should be:

  • Getting the water well fixed. I suspect the foot valve has gone out.
  • Working on the cabin.
  • Fencing in for livestock.

That would cover water, shelter and food.

The cabin would be for friends and family. If the world were to go to hell, my farm would be the bug out location. I need to be able to accept an influx of friends and family members.

So, what are some of your projects and how do you divide your time?

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