Dry Run to the Bug Out Location


Dry Run to the Bug Out Location

When my children were young, from time to time we would make a dry run to the bug out location. My family and I would pack up the night before and have just about everything besides cold food ready to go.

The children would be told to pack a bag. When they were done, I would go over their bag. Sometimes they may only pack a pair of shorts and underwear for the weekend. Kids will be kids.

We would get up the next morning and head out to the camp. To mix things up, sometimes I would take various routes to the bug out location. Sometimes we would go the usual way, sometimes a longer route off the beaten path.

Survival Skills

Upon arriving at the bug out location, I would note how the kids acted. Did they know the routine, did they know how to turn on the water pump, know how to turn on the propane and light the pilot lights?

When it came time to make the beds, did the children remember where the linens were at?  Did they argue over who got which bed?

From time to time, I would quiz the children about various things, such as seeds being kept in the freezer or shot size for small game.

We would practice fire building skills.

Sometimes, we would go fishing in creeks way off the woods. The only thing we caught were perch, but they were fun to catch and release.

In the winter we may go looking for rabbits, squirrel or deer. They would learn the difference between hog tracks and deer tracks.

Sometimes, we would go hiking or camping. On the hiking trips, the children would go over their land navigation skills.

During the spring we may plant a garden. Then go back in a few months to make the harvest.  Sometimes the crops did not make it, sometimes the deer and rabbits ate everything,

The kids thought we were just having fun. The truth is, they were learning survival kills. Skills I hoped they would remember if or when humanity is ever faced with a crisis situation.

Dry Run

Besides a weekend get away, I was observing if the children had a basic knowledge on hunting, fishing, fire building, and gardening. The woods around here are full of small game. My oldest son takes great joy in getting some of the squirrels who hang around the deer feeder.

They know how to use the pit, hunt small game, skin squirrel and rabbits and how to cook them.

During the spring the children know what berries to pick and where the wild plums grow.

The whole purpose of the dry run was to make sure the children knew how to do things around the bug out location.

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