Coordinated Attack On Gun Owners


Coordinated Attack On Gun Owners

For those of us old enough to remember the 1980s, we know there has been a long time coordinated attack on gun owners and gun rights.

For example, in the late-1980s CNN was running various anti-gun articles. In response, gun rights organizations attempted to get gun owners to buy CNN stock. As stockholders we could vote and change the way CNN did business. The problem was, the major shareholders would have the final say. Eventually the crusade to buy CNN stock faded away.

What did not fade away, was the coordinated attack on gun rights and gun owners. For those of you who are new to the media attack on gun rights, here is an example.

Three different publications, on the same day, on the same topic.

Detroit Free Press – Wayne County tough when kids, guns lead to tragedy.

US News – Massachusetts, With Strong Gun Storage Law, Lost 1 Child.

USA Today – States rejecting bills intended to keep guns away from kids.

What is missing from every article? A discussion on basic gun safety. What I get from the articles, the only way to keep a firearm in the house is to have it in a locked box. Maybe the articles reflect a difference between kids who are raised around guns and kids who have no idea what a gun is?

How about we start teaching gun safety in the schools? Let’s have an open and honest discussion with our kids on gun safety.

I know one thing for sure, if my dad ever found out that I messed with a gun when he was not home, I would get my ass beat with a belt. Instead of providing a gun lock with the firearm, include a free leather belt? Not a cheap leather belt, but a good quality one.

If parents would take time to teach their children gun safety, the anti-gun media would have nothing to talk about.

On a personal note, I keep my firearms are in a gun safe and kept out of the reach of small children.  Also, no loaded firearms are allowed in the house.

It is up to the parent to teach gun safety and to discipline the child when rules are broken.

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