Living in a Rural Area and First Aid


Living in a Rural Area and First Aid

Living in a rural area fosters a sense of self-reliance. We have to be able to take care of ourselves, simply because help is so far away. There are some people who live further from town than I do. Help for them would be an uphill struggle.

With the rural lifestyle also comes the difficulties. Such as, the nearest hospital can be 30 minutes away. This is one reason why I keep first aid supplies on hand.

What types of accidents do you normally have? Maybe a cut finger from working on a lawnmower? Busted knuckle from a slipped wrench?

On the typical small farm we may have chainsaws, a tractor, auger for setting fence post, barbed wire, and power tools.


Several years ago I was reminded of chainsaw safety. All it took was a split second of not paying attention and my leg had a gash in it.

On another occasion I was messing with some fence, thought I could wear shorts, and ended up with a cut mid-way between the knee and ankle.

Several years ago, an uncle was trying to trim a tree with a chainsaw while standing on a ladder. He spent almost a week in the hospital. If I remember right, the ladder slipped and he fell into the chainsaw, which cut his chest open.

I once knew a man who attempted to build a homemade fertilizer spreader. Someone who was walking near the spreader got to close to the spinning disk and his leg was almost ripped off. The disk was made long so the fertilizer would be thrown further.

Then there are the terrible accidents we hear about on the news, such as an arm being ripped off.

First Aid Supplies

Examples above are why it is important to keep first aid supplies on hand..

My personal stockpile includes several grab-and-go first aid kits. Some of them I take on the farm as I am working.

Then there are the individual supplies, such as gauze, sponges and bandages.

My first aid supplies like any other prepping gear. Purchase some here and there and over time it adds up.  When I go the local big box mart, I may pick up a few odds and ends. When I order something from Amazon, I may add a box of bandages or gloves.

If you took inventory of your first aid kits and individual supplies, how would it look? Would you be happy with the current inventory?

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