Watch: Fulton Armory M14


Watch: Fulton Armory M14

The Military Arms Channel has made another excellent video. This one is about the Fulton Armory M14 service rifle.

Developed to replace the M1 Garand, the M14 probably had one of the shortest lifespans of any military rifle. Even though the M14 was replaced by the M16, the M14 is still in use by the military and has a strong civilian following.

From the Fulton Armory website:

  • Receiver: Fulton Armory Receiver (Meets All USGI Material, Heat Treat, & Geometry Specifications).
  • Barrel: Fulton Armory, 22″ 1×12, GI Contour, Chrome Moly, National Match Quality.
  • Parts: GI & True Mil Spec Throughout, FA Forged Gen II Bolt & Op Rod.
  • Muzzle Device: National Match Flash Suppressor With Bayonet Lug.
  • Handguard: FA, Fiberglass Reinforced, Brown.
  • Stock: New Walnut, GI Contour, Hand Selected, Lovingly Fit, & Beautifully Finished With Linseed Oil.
  • Included Accessories: One 10 Round Magazine, Canvas Sling, & Owners Manual.
  • Fulton Armory Precision Guarantee: Under 2.5 MOA (With Federal Gold Medal match Ammunition).

Now for the video.

On a personal note, there is something “majestic” about the M14. It has that old style military look of wood and steel that predates aluminum and plastic. In a gun market dominated by rifles covered in plastic, it is nice to see a wood stock.

Field stripping is about as easy as easy can get.

Even though the M14 was designed in the 1950s, it refuses to fade away. This is an example of excellence and perfection.

Special thank you to the Military Arms Channel for making another great video. Keep up the great work.

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