Watch: TFB’s Top 5 Dumb Gun Products


Watch: TFB’s Top 5 Dumb Gun Products

Our friend Patrick over at TFB TV has put together a list of his five all-time dumbest gun products. Here are some highlights; watch the full video below.

1) Glock 17 Pistol-to-Rifle Conversion kit from American Manufacturing Group.

While it looks super-awesome, it’s tough to shoot, and unless you shoulder it in a specific way, it’s not reliable. And there’s not much that’s more worthless or dangerous than an unreliable firearm.


But what makes it really dumb? The factory-added gas ports and piston made it less reliable than a plain 16″ barrel. Doh!

2) Bungee Holster.

I didn’t buy one, because frankly I don’t want to spend $20 on a hair tie.


‘Nuff said.

3) Pistol magazine floorplate bayonet.



Make sure you slap that mag home after reloading.

4) Picatinny muzzle brake by TufForce.

Not only is it impractical for mounting accessories and failed to soften recoil, it’s made of such soft aluminum that during testing, the muzzle blast actually eroded metal off of it. Derp-o-rama.


5) Mule AR stock.

Because who wouldn’t want to store a Glock 19 in your rifle stock? Um, me.


Nothing like making your rifle heavier and more awkward–and losing your sidearm if you lose your rifle or it becomes damaged.


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