Do You Really Watch TV Shooting Shows and Learn From Them?


Do You Really Watch TV Shooting Shows and Learn From Them?

Do you watch the shooting shows on TV and really watch them to learn, or do you just have them on and never really “watch” them? Believe it or not there is a lot of good info that can come from the shows and the Pro’s, advice you can get for free just by paying attention.

Years ago there were not that many shows on, but one that was and was then and still is a favorite now is Shooting USA, I think back in the day when it first started on the TNN, which stood for “The Nashville Network,” it was called Shooting America, I think. I used to video tape each episode and watch it over and over again plus I took notes on stance, arm placement, grip types everything and anything.


I not only watched that show I consumed it weekly! I would go to the range with my notebook and look at the notes and my poorly sketched drawings and work on and try everything I could from the Pro’s of the day until I got to be a better shooter. (See, back then we had “Bag Phones” in the car which you could take with you if you screwed in the little antenna. The phone was even connected to the main unit and battery with a regular looking telephone coiled cord. So taking video or even pictures with your cell phone was not even a thought back then, you made calls, that’s it. So you had to take notes and draw to get the info to the range with you.)


John and Jim Scoutten The Host of the show.

But you really can learn a lot not only from Shooting USA even though I believe it is still the best show for shooting sports on TV still today, but there are other ones: Gun Venture, Guns & Gear, Shooting Gallery, Guns & Ammo just to name a few other ones. I would suggest that if you don’t watch these but shoot or conceal carry you start watching these shows.

If you do watch these shows, really watch them and see them for everything they can offer you. Yes you pay for the cable or satellite for your TV but that is the only cost for the teachings you can get from these. Use your new cell phone and video a part of the show or heck even stream it while you are at the range if you need to. But take the info no matter how and use it to your advantage.

Best Defense is a great show for concealed carry people, my friend Rob Pincus was on that show in the beginning for 3 years I think. Michael Bane is still on it, and they have even reported that their show could be used in court in your defense if you ever had to use your concealed carry gun and had to go to court to defend your actions.

So please watch and learn from these shows, they are made with the purpose to show you how to be a better shooter no matter what your discipline of shooting is.

Stay Safe and see you out there!


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