The Breacher Shotgun


The Breacher Shotgun

The military and law enforcement have been using shotguns for many assorted applications forever. One of the more effective uses is to fit the shotgun with a breacher barrel, or more likely today a shotgun barrel with a special screw in choke used to blow out the lock of a door for entry.

You have to recall the scene from Open Range where Bluebonnet Spearman used a double barreled shotgun to “clear” the lock from the building door in order to gain access to his adversary. This is the same principle for a breacher shotgun for more contemporary applications.

Admittedly for a prepper or survivalist this may not be an item of common need, but it does provide additional options for a variety of uses. During SHTF events there could be situations in which the prepper might want to gain entry into a dwelling, house, or other building for security, cover, or to rummage for supplies, etc. Heavy door locks or hinges could be blown open using this approach.

Likewise such a shotgun equipped with a breaching barrel or choke could also be used to get out of a structure into which one could have become trapped or otherwise unable to exit. Think of situations in which a building were being used as a temporary hideout or in route bug out overnight security cover. Perhaps a fire erupts from others occupying the building, or there are other undesirable threats and you need to exit out a door that is locked. The breacher shotgun could be used to clear the door.

A shotgun set up this way does not have to be a sole purpose dedicated weapon just for this purpose. A short-barreled (but legal) shotgun such as a common Remington 870 can be equipped with an 18-inch “combat” barrel that either comes with a tactical choke or can accommodate one as a screw in accessory item. In this manner the breach choke could be easily carried in the pocket or a choke kit along with other chokes used for various modes of hunting.

The breach choke itself is rather unique. It is an extended choke with a more or less “open” bore choke to be used with large shot. The choke extends out roughly two inches from the barrel. The end of the choke is cut with teeth that can be used to press against a door lock or hinge for the shot. Look into a breacher shotgun, barrel or choke if the idea is appealing.

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