Standardizing with the Glock 19


Standardizing with the Glock 19

In a previous article we talked about Glock standardization. Sometime in the next few months I was planning on buying another Glock, which was going to be the Glock 17. However, something happened that changed those plans.

As I was getting ready to place an order for handgun magazines, I kept asking myself, “Why am I ordering such an expensive variety?” Buying magazines for Glock, Beretta, Springfield and the 1911 adds up.

I was honestly thinking about streamlining my handgun collection and going with various Glock models. However, as I was trying to figure out how everything was going to work, I asked myself, “Why not a single Glock model?”

Picture this – a Glock 17 and a Glock 19 side-by-side with a bunch of magazines. The G17 magazines will fit the G19, but the G19 magazines will not fit a G17. So, if a situation arose where a family member needed a handgun, I would have to make sure they also got the right magazines. Then comes the situation where two people are working together, but have different handguns.

I have some Glock 17 magazines that were ordered for the Glock 19. To help them fit the G19 better, I was going to order some x-grips. However, if I put the x-grips on the magazines, they will not fit the G17. So, why would I buy a G17 only to have magazines that will fit the G19 but not the G17?

It gets complicated; this magazine fits this model but not that model. In all honesty, at this point I feel like punching the computer monitor.

Let’s streamline everything and go with one Glock model, and that is the Glock 19.

Glock 19

Why the G19? Why not? It is compact, easy to handle, lighter than the G17, G17 magazines fit it. Tthere is nothing not to like about it.

The main point is standardization. With only one Glock model, we do not have to worry about a magazine fitting this model but not that model.

Let’s say there is a SHTF event and various friends and family members show up at the farm. Those who did not bring their own handgun get the same exact model and interchangeable magazines.

What could possibly be more streamlined?

Sure, we could go with the Ruger P89, SR9, Springfield XDm, or any other handgun made in the past 30 years. However, Glock represents the highest quality of modern handguns. It is the standard that all other handguns are measured by.

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