Prepping for Hot Weather


Prepping for Hot Weather

Well, here it comes. Daylight savings time is already in effect and the sun is out until much later. That means longer hours outside to work in the yard, do work around the bug out camp, gardening those veggies, and hundreds of other projects. Can you feel the sweat rolling down your back yet? I hate summer.

Some of you preppers are likely more sun and heat sensitive than others, but summer temperatures require some extra precautions. This is especially true since the liberals are convinced the earth is melting down at an exponential rate (sorry, I could not resist that one).

When outside in direct sunlight be sure to cover up exposed skin with lightweight clothing to keep the rays at bay, but also to allow cooling. This means long sleeves, too. There are fabrics made now, especially for fishing clothes, so that when you sweat, the damp cloth then actually keeps the skin cooler.

Be sure to wear a wide brimmed hat, and even a cooler neck wrap if needed. Some working outdoors wear light gloves, too, especially if the exposure times are expected to be long. Wear lightweight or fabric type shoes to keep the feet shaded from the sun. Wear socks, but make them lightweight cotton. You always wondered what cotton socks were for anyway.

Plan to protect your eyes, too. Good quality sunglasses or pop down shades over prescription lenses are mandatory. Covering the face can be a challenge, but there are ample choices of sun blocking creams and lotions to handle these critical areas, but you have to use it. Read the labels, too, on how often to apply to make it truly effective all day long.

If you are bug or insect sensitive or live in areas plagued by mosquitos then apply a good insect repellant. A new product coming on the market is Bugoflage. This comes in colors for fall hunters, but also in a spring green, white and soon in clear. This bug repellent comes in a tube like a lipstick. You can just swipe it across your forehead, nose, hands, or ankles to keep biters at bay.

Of course, plan on a steady diet of hydration. The impact of hot temperatures and sunshine can sneak up on depleting the body of essential fluids sometimes without overt notice. Don’t let this happen as a sun stroke or dehydration is nothing to play with. Protect yourself from summer heat and sun.

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