Take Time to Review Your Preps


Take Time to Review Your Preps

Preppers, how often do you review your stockpile? Do you keep track of various items you want to focus on?

Let’s use the 22 long rifle as an example. My primary 22 stockpile for hunting is Federal and CCI, with a focus on copper plated hollow points. Everything else is target ammo, or taking care of opossums in the chicken house and snakes.

Now that 22 long rifle is becoming plentiful, I decided to start adding to my stockpile. Over the past few trips to Academy in Beaumont, Texas, I picked up several boxes of CCI and Federal.

While looking at the store shelf, I asked myself, “How much good quality hunting grade 22 long rifle do I have?” When it comes to 22 long rifle, I prefer copper hollow points over the classic lead round nose. I honestly did not know how many target rounds I had compared to hunting ammunition.

Upon arriving at home, all the 22 long rifle ammo was rounded up, stacked and sorted. I was surprised to see how little good quality ammo I have as compared to cheap target rounds. When bricks of Remington Golden Bullet sold for $9, I know people who bought thousands of rounds, myself included.  However, in my rifles Golden Bullet have a high misfire rate. There are people who are going to say, “I never had a problem with cheap 22 long rifle.”

Sometimes you get what you pay for and that applies to 22 long rifle, also. Even at today’s prices, 22 long rifle is still relatively cheap and prices are coming down.

Which is more important, saving a dollar, or putting meat on the table?

Let’s say something happens to society and you have to hunt small game. Do you honestly want to be using the cheapest 22 long rifle ammo you could find?  Don’t believe me? Take time to do your own tests.

22 long rifle is just one example.

Take your freeze dried food stockpile.  How much meat do you have compared to fruits and veggies?  Would you be able to cook a balanced meal with your freeze dried food stockpile?

Shotgun ammunition:do you have a balance between hunting and defensive loads?  Personally, I stockpile almost no slugs and a few buckshot.  I live in a rural area and my shotgun is used for small game.  Deer hunting is left to the rifles.

So, how often do you reviewh your preps?  Do you have a target goal for food, water, ammunition?  Are you on course to achieve that goal?



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