Two Ways Insects Spread Disease


Two Ways Insects Spread Disease

What are two ways preppers can help prevent the spread of disease by insects at the bug out location? Coughing is a common form of disease transmission. However, since we may be isolated, let’s exclude airborne diseases.

We all know that safe drinking water is essential to human survival. Since that is common knowledge, let’s exclude it from this article.

Let’s talk about ways insects, not just mosquitoes, can transmit and how to prevent the spread of diseases.


Flies and other insects should not have access to raw human sewage. This means an outhouse or an underground septic system. Raw sewage on top of the ground is a disease vector via flying insects. A fly lands on raw sewage, then flies to the house and lands on your food. The food was just contaminated with sewage.

During heavy rain, the sewage is washed into nearby streams, lakes or ponds. Thus, a source of drinking water is contaminated.

A simple solution would be to install an underground septic system at the bug out location. Be sure to check local laws and regulations on septic systems.

Window And Door Screens

Believe it or not, window and door screens were once considered life saving innovations. A simple way to help prevent the spread of disease is by having screened doors and windows.

Before air conditioning, people would sleep with their windows open. Insects would fly in and bite people while they were sleeping.

Up until the 1950s, Malaria was somewhat common in the southern part of the United States. To help keep factory workers healthy, companies installed screens over the windows of homes in the company town.

It was not until the 1950s and widespread spraying of DDT that Malaria was eliminated from the United States.

The cabin I am working on to turn into a bug out location does not have a screen door. However, I will hopefully be adding one as part of the renovations.

Final Thoughts

Hand washing and safe drinking water are the usual topics people talk about. I wanted to bring up stuff that is often overlooked. A lot of people do not realize flying insects can be a vector for pathogens from raw sewage.

We all know that flying insects can transmit diseases. However, a lot of people do not understand the “exact” route of disease transmission.

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