Watch: Can Wolf Ammo Get 1 MOA


Watch: Can Wolf Ammo Get 1 MOA

Wolf ammunition is the “go-to” round for a lot of people who want to dump lead downrange. But, how accurate is Wolf? A lot of my prepper buddies have stockpiled Wolf ammo almost to the ceiling.

Our buddies at the The Firearm Blog put Wolf ammunition to the test. Using a Ruger precision rifle, Wolf ammo is fired at a range of 100 yards, and then the groups were measured.

Rounds used in the test:

  • 55 grain Wolf steel case.
  • 55 grain Wolf Gold.

Now for the video.

Wolf steel cased ammo produced a  four round group of around 1.33 inches and a five round group of 2.2 inches.

Wolf Gold five rounds group center to center measured 1.66 inches.

Overall, Wolf Gold preformed better than I expected. I have always considered Wolf ammo is be pretty much the bottom of the barrel.  Looks like I was wrong.

The next question, is Wolf Gold worth the extra cost? For what you are doing, is .6 of an inch accuracy worth the extra money?

As of June 9, 2017, these were the cheapest prices I could find:

Wolf military classic, 55 grain – 0.27 cents per round.

Wolf WPA Polyformance 55 gr – 0.19 cents per round.

For what you are using the ammunition for, is it worth the extra few cents per round to buy Wolf Gold?  Next time I order some Wolf, I might have to order some Gold rounds and test them out myself.

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