Gun Control and Common Sense


Gun Control and Common Sense

When someone says they want “common sense solutions” to gun violence, what “exactly” do they mean?

While reading the morning news about guns, I came across the following article: Moms Demand Action group advocates for ‘common sense solutions’ to gun violence.

There were a couple of quotes in the article that shows how out of touch gun control groups really are.

In discussions of gun violence in the United States, Danielle Veith often hears the same refrain: If nothing changed after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, it never will.

What exactly needed to change after Sandy Hook?

Adam Lanza:

  • Murdered his mother.
  • Stole her guns.
  • Went to a gun free zone.
  • Killed a number of people, including children.

Laws only affect those who respect and follow the law. No amount of gun laws would have stopped Adam. Maybe telling him it was against the law to kill his mother, steal her guns and then kill children would have stopped him? How about a few more “gun free zone” signs outside the school?

We could pass a hundred new laws, and nothing would have changed

The real issue was a mentally ill individual not receiving the help he needed. Rather than more gun laws, we need to ensure people get the help they need.

The next issue,

In Maryland, Moms Demand Action pushed unsuccessfully for two pieces of legislation in this year’s session.

One would have required gun owners with convictions for domestic violence to forfeit their weapons.

The other would have required background checks to buy long guns.

There is already a federal laws that prohibits people who commit family violence from owning a firearm, it is the Domestic Violence Offender Gun Ban.

Also, federal law already requires a background check when an individual buys a firearm from a gun dealer.  So, does this mean Moms Demand Action wanted to go after private sales? Or, was Moms Demand Action trying to get a duplicate law passed?


Why do we need duplicate laws? The simple answer is, we do not need duplicate laws. Groups play on the emotions of the uneducated to gain support and get unneeded laws passed.

When we have laws that already cover just about everything gun control groups want. So, what “exactly” do they want?

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