If Your Pistol Has a Weapon Light, Use This Trick to Train With It


If Your Pistol Has a Weapon Light, Use This Trick to Train With It

How many of you actually have a weapon light on your carry pistol? There are a lot of thoughts on this extra hardware both good and bad. Some will say it’s a great thing to have to light the way in a dark alley or your home at 3am when you hear a bump in the night.

Others say that if you have one on your pistol or even rifle or shotgun for home defense that you are pointing your gun at a possible unintended target. Could be a family member coming in at late at night, sneaking in, etc. So you have to make your own judgment on adding this to your rail on your gun.

The people that are against it will tell you to carry a flashlight in your other hand and only have the flashlight on the sound in the night until you are sure of what it is. If you have had any defensive training at all, most instructors will tell you to put the light on the pistol. A few reasons are that with the gun in one hand and the flashlight in the other, you will be mostly forced to use one handed shooting, which most people don’t train for. That can lead to missed shots etc.

Or with both hands now with gun and a flashlight you may have a hard time fighting off an attacker if need be. So as with everything, there is good and bad no matter how you decide.

So if you decide to carry a weapon light mounted on your pistol, you need to train with it on there because believe it or not the little added weight can cause an issue in timing to level the pistol to take the shot.


Problem with practicing with a weapon light is the lens of the light will get crusty from the blast of the muzzle. Most people will say all you have to do it cover the lens with Vaseline and when you are done, scrape it off. This can still damage the lens of the light. And if you have say a SureFire weapon light, you really want to protect that investment as they are not cheap!


Simple solution, go to Lowe’s, Home Depot or even a auto parts store and look for a rubber cap, like a stool leg cover or a big vacuum line block. Then drill a small hole in the middle or close to it so it is easier to slide over the light and pull off as to not trapping air either way.


With this rubber cover, you can shoot all you want and not hurt the lens at all and the little drill hole will also let you know if you accidentally turn the light on. It’s a great way to protect your investment of the weapon light without the danger of scratching the lens cover!

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See you out there!

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